Funny shooting

Have you been somewhere in the Shooting range in Prague I do. I`ve been there about six or seven times. And I have to say, it`s really fun. I enjoy it, and at first, I thought I wouldn`t enjoy it, because I thought that Shooting Range in Prague shooting is only fun for men, because my brother has been going there regularly for about six years. And it never occurred to me that I could try this too. So I told myself that everything in life should be tried, We only live once, so make it worth it. And I was never really into this, because I didn`t even like guns. And so, when my dad once found a gun outside while cleaning the field, which looked like a dangerous old gun, I was quite glad that he handed it in, because I was afraid that something bad would happen at home. You know, I don`t like guns in the house. And not even the fact that the brother has a nice collection of knives.

The showing interesting gun.

I really don`t like knives or anything sharp or swords. That`s why I thought that Shooting Range in Prague wouldn`t be for me. And of course, when I was there for the first time, the professionals taught me how to hold a gun and also how to shoot. It was the first time I shot such a small, short gun, but I didn`t know how to hold it at all.


Then I also tried to shoot with a long gun and also with a shotgun. It was pretty fun. In the beginning, I was all over myself and I was afraid that I would shoot myself, but this is impossible. After about twenty minutes, I was more confident and tried to shoot at the target from a distance. And then we were also shooting off target, so it was quite fun, and I also have to admit that my brother was a real professional because he already knew how to do it with a gun. And for the time he`s been going there, I wouldn`t even be surprised if he could shoot professionally. My brother is thinking about getting a gun license, but I don`t know if he would be able to do it, because then we really don`t want guns at home.